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Breaching the Rift is a Science Fiction skirmish wargame set in the universe of the same name, created by John “Howrith” Bryan.

You can either play the standard one a side Skirmish games or as a co-operative game. There will be narrative missions and a campaign in the paid version of the game with future plans to create further campaigns based on the rich background of the universe it inhabits.

The game you are downloading is an ongoing work in progress with quarterly updates (for schedule please see the game page for more information). The contents and rules of the game may vary as it is refined and added to. There is a limited number of factions and miniatures from the Breaching the Rift range of miniatures that have been included at the moment, but this will change as we open up more rules, factions and characters with each update.

These rules are free for you to download, though there is a donation option available from the dropdown menu if you decide to do so. This helps to keep the project moving forward.
What’s included:

1x Core Rules only

This game is NOT a board game. Breaching the Rift is a “table top” war game. You will need to purchase miniatures that fit the profile to play this game.

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