3D Digital

Gydran Studio has been creating miniatures for table top games for over a decade now. It originally started out designing and producing 3D bases of common sizes for use with popular skirmish and wargames. We eventually moved to creating models and even developing our own games, and along the way we have picked up a lot of skills to help us continue to create small scale models in a competitive market. With technology changing all the time we have made a point of keeping up the times and though we still create traditionally sculpted models we also create a lot of 3D modelled miniatures.


We strive to continue to create characterful and unique models using popular 3D software such as Fusion 360, Blender and Mudbox. We design our models mostly in house with outsourcing work to other talented artists as and when the scale of the project necessitates it. We are always looing to see how we can expand our portfolio and skillset, so if you think we can help you then head over to the contact page and lets get the conversation started.