Gydran Miniatures Studio is a small company that produces primarily 28mm (1:56 scale) miniatures for wargamining and roleplaying. We also offer resin casting services, prototype component and miniature 3D printing. We have over 20 years model making experience and pride ourselves on creating unique and lively characters.

Gydran Studio was founded in 2013 where it was originally called Raging Dwarf Miniatures. It changed in 2014 to Gidran Miniatures and then finally to Gydran Studio. We rebranded the entire website and logo moving from our original www.gydran.com domain  to www.gydran.studio in June 2021.

The name of the company, Gydran, is taken from the Welsh word gydran which means component. Gydran Studio has always existed on the idea that though we predominantly sell miniatures for wargames we also provide other services to help facilitate other peoples creativity as well as look to expand our creative endeavours into other storytelling and narrative mediums, building on the original business.