Gydran Studio is a small company that produces primarily 28mm (1:56 scale) miniatures for wargaming and roleplaying. Gydran Studio was founded on the 9th April 2013  where it was originally called Raging Dwarf Miniatures. It changed in 2014 to Gidran Miniatures and then to Gydran Miniatures Studio. In June 2021 the company was rebranded to drop the “miniatures” part of the company name. The entire website, along with the logo revamp, was moved from our original www.gydran.com domain  to www.gydran.studio.

About the founder

Gydran Studio has been the passion of one person since its inception in 2013.  It was created by John “Howrith” Bryan who had been working in the creative industry since 2004 and has experience in Graphic Design, Film, Animation and modelling/sculpting to draw upon. After being severely ill and not knowing what he would do next he decided to take the plunge and start creating miniatures. His skills in puppet and prop fabrication,  casting, passion for wargames, and sci-fi narratives lead him to start bringing a long time project to the table top. Breaching the Rift.

Johns first memories of wargames and roleplaying games were choose your own adventure books back in the 80s and then on to the books of Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. From there it was a slippery slope to D&D, Rogue Trader and Call of Cthulhu, to mention a few. His passion for games also extended to computer games, cutting his teeth at the age of 10 years old on his families Commodore 16 plus 4. His father would programme adventures for him on the computer and also taught him how to do it himself.

This combination of digital and table top games, the animated stylings of Hayao Miyazaki, Richard Williams and Don Bluth as well as 80s animated television all created a lethal concoction that allowed for only one outcome. That outcome metamorphosed into what would eventually settle in the form of Gydran Studio.

You can read more about the the projects that John has been involved with by visiting the dedicated section of this website, here

The future for Gydran Studio

The name of the company, Gydran, is taken from the Welsh word which is supposed to mean ‘component’. Gydran Studio has always existed on the idea that though it predominantly sells miniatures for wargames it would also provide additional services to help facilitate other peoples creativity as well as look to expand its creative endeavours into other storytelling and narrative mediums, building on the original business.

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