Gydran Games Studio

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What is Gydran Game Studio?

For many years now we have been toiling away on various IPs for both table-top and computer games as concepts, playable prototypes and complete systems. This all started with our wargame “Breaching the Rift”, based in a science fiction world that has been in the making since as early as 1990. Though we are yet to release this game it has set in motion a series of other Skirmish games. The first few games released will be table-top based but the aim is to have the first computer based game either created or in development by 2025.

Our Games

The first title we are creating is called “Gnomes”. A fun filled tongue in cheek skirmish game for people new to table-top wargames as well as experienced players. This game has been in development since 2022 and we are very proud of what’s been created. The game will officially be launched in early 2024, but if you want to be notified of when it is released you can signup to the Gydran Newsletter on the sign-up page. Gnomes is a small-scale skirmish game between opposing Gnomish holds. As a player you take control of a troupe of Gnomes vying for resources to take back to their kin, for the might of the hold. From household objects to blundering humans. You and your Troupe need to watch each other’s backs in order to survive.
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This project is temporarily on hold while we finish up release on Gnomes. Unfortunately the original site created for Breaching the Rift suffered a fatal failure due to hackers hijacking it. We will not be deterred though and we are looking to bring it back later in 2024.

Breaching the Rift is a Skirmish game that has been in development since 2017. We will be demoing it at shows as we get back to them in 2024, and keep you updated on its progresses. We have a group of people who are play testing it and we are constantly trying to update it to make it the best we can. The rules will be FREE to download from our website once released along with an option to buy a digital copy to help support the project and keep it moving forward. The physical copy will be an expanded version with the background to the universe in that you won’t get in the FREE download version.