The Remaster Project

The Remaster projects focus was to bring the original Troop Carrier, that we released right at the beginning of Gydran Studio, up to date and  release it as our first transport scale model. Though this project is yet to be completed we are still working on it every opportunity we can the new version of the transport will be cast in Polyurethane resin and sport one of our Takedown Turrets on the rear section. It’s getting close now and we believe that 2021 will be the year we release it. Along with this there are a couple of smaller vehicles that will be joining it on its release including our Dweorg Monowheel and a single person anti-grav vehicle that we’re currently keeping under wraps until later in the year.

Why is it for sale on the website?

Click on the image above to go to the Remaster Project product page.

Though we can’t give a deadline as to when it will be released we are giving people the option to pre-order one as a single model or as a model with 5 troops. We are aware that for some this will be a bit of a gamble, but we know how close we are to seeing a finished product. Once we get into June 2021 we will be starting to upload more progress picture of the project and you’ll be able to find the relevant updates further down this page.

We’re looking forward to finally getting this model completed and out into the world. We hope you are too and look forward to creating more vehicles for the battlefield as we move forward.



Where will this lead?

The monowheel and driver, just needing some arms and little details.

If these projects are successful we want to bring another two transports, one anti-grav, and a shuttle (already completed in CAD) to the range. The more interest we get and the more we sell the more likely it is that we can create some unique models for the table top and bring a little bit more from our Breaching the Rift universe to life.


Here is a full list of what we intend to make:

  • The Remastered carrier
  • Monowheel battle bike
  • Quick response Anti-grav unit
  • Anti-grav transport
  • ATV transport
  • Drop ship

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