• GTG = Gnomes: The Game
  • GHS = Gnome Hold Sagas

Questions, Answers and general FAQ for Gnomes: the game and the Gnome Hold Sagas Universe.

  • GTG: Squabbling, is this continued till there is a resolution with a break away in the current turn or does it continue into the next turn and so on till resolved with a break away?

    This is essentially the melee of the game. So, if you don’t resolve it in as many action points as you have that turn then you must wait until your next turn. Squabble is an action. If each Gnome (whether defending or attacking) fails to roll below 5 then you take 1 health damage. If you roll over 5 and your opposing gome doesn’t then you take no damage, but they do. I hope that clears it up for you.

  • GTG: Are found resources dropped when a gnome is taken out of action?

    Any resources that your Gnome has get dropped. There is no distinction between found or holding, unless otherwise stated in an upgrade, characters special rule or scenario.

  • GTG: Shooting, 1 is a fail, 10 is a critical, is everything else a hit, so -1 health with the bearing rifle, and where does a +1 defence from cover come in?

    You both roll your dice. The attacking Gnome must roll higher than the defending Gnomes dice. 1 is a critical fail, etc. If a Gnome is in base to base contact with the terrain, but more than half of the Gnome is visible then it gains the plus 1 to it’s defence roll. You can always use the Quarrel rule to settle the dispute on this.