Laser Drones

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This is a last chance product. Once we run out of stock we will not be making any more of them, so get it while you can.

28mm (1:56) scale model of Space Dwarf (Dweorg) Laser Drones. Miniature is cast in white metal. The Space Dwarf (Dweorg) Laser Drones come with standard hex flight bases.


What you get in package:

2x Laser Drones
2x  standard hex bases

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Only the models mentioned in the description are offered, any other models or scenery in the picture are not included.

Models are supplied unpainted and require some clean-up and assembly before painting/use. Gidran Miniatures is not responsible for any damage caused to the model after they have been assembled. Due to the nature of the model making process some small air bubbles may be present but we do check the models before they are dispatched so this should be minimal. Gidran miniatures will not accept returns on models that have already been assembled in whole or partially.