Shadow Raid – Book


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The prospect of an abandoned base full of rich technological pickings proves irresistible to the D.I.A. If they asked themselves, why was it abandoned so urgently and so completely then they didn’t bother to share those concerns with the teams they sent in to loot its riches. They were just the footsloggers, the grunts on the ground, the ones who’ve always been considered expendable. As those teams soon discover surprises are often very unpleasant. But the most remarkable one, the one that made the builders of that base flee for their lives and sanity, is waiting for a tiny rescue party of just two to turn up and they’re going to need charmed lives to get out again.

This is the first book from the Breaching the Rift universe based on the story idea of creator John Howrith and written by author Peter Grehan.

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1x paperback version of Shadow Raid by Peter Grehan

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