Remastered Transport

What is the Remastered Troop Transport Project?

You can buy one below and once we have completed the project we will dispatch it to you.

REMASTER PROJECT – Troop Transport


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Back in 2013 we created this troop transport as the first vehicle for our Dweorg range. After years of use the mould became unusable, but the requests for the vehicle have continued and we have decided to remaster it adding more detail and making it more fitting in with the current range.

UPDATE: The current progress on the model as of 22-01-2019.


Why is it “for sale” on the website?

It is for sale, but will not be made until we reach 50 sales. Why 50 sales? Because that is the number it will take to raise the money to produce it. Why not Kickstarter? Because we have ran kickstarters before and the amount that they take for something as small as this project will be silly, and we want to keep this in house. While we are raising the money we will be working on the transport and hopefully by the time it’s done we will have raised the 50 orders we need.

The total number of “sales” are below and once that reaches 50, we’re good to go.

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So what are these options we were talking about?

Every transport needs a crew and troopers. So we have put together out Trooper set and one of our commander models to accompany the transport as 1 option.

Get the incursion team for your transport, ready and prepped for action.

The second option available is the mech support squad.

Use your transport to get your support units onto the battlefield quickly.


As well as this if we reach 75 sales of the transport we will include, with every purchase of the transport or variations, 2 crew members of the transport. A driver and mechanic, both ready to be fielded as members of the team.

Please note that if you make this purchase with any other items from our web store those items will not be shipped until we have reached our target and the production process has been completed.

Please be aware that if you “purchase” this item you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this project.

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