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Rooster, 3D Character

The Original Corkaden image I created in 2018 as a part of Inktober of that year.

Back in October 2018 I joined in with Inktober where you do a sketch or full art piece every day for the whole of October. I found it to be a lot of fun and a good focus even though at the time I had very little time spare due to work commitments. On day 5 the keyword was Chicken and, of course, I decided to draw a chicken straight from memory. I always thought of him (him, as it is a rooster) as being a bit of a Han Solo-esque character so I even gave him a gun, bandolier and waistcoat (though they probably have a specific name for them).

I was trying to think of a character idea for a 3D model I wanted to make and the Corkaden (the name of the Chicken race in my head) came to mind. I got really excited by it and so decided to jump into my 3D modelling software and have a go at creating a facsimile of it as though I were creating a game character. I have done some character modelling, rigging and animating in the past and though it was about time I flexed those muscles.

Considerations of the character creation

The Current state of the character model. This will be updated as soon as more work has been done to it.

When I modelled it I knew I would have to take movement into consideration and he wouldn’t look quite the same. I also knew that I might want to give him different outfits if I took the project any further than just the character modelling so I made sure that I modelled the base shape and then added the fluffy legs, arms and chest as separate entities.

One of the things I considered when I modelled it was that of the characters neck. On your average real Chicken it is elongated and the head sits atop its muscular form. However, I opted to keep it similar to the original sketches proportions. I think this works and maybe after I’ve completed the model in its entirety I can go back and make a different version, but I am quite happy with this look.

What next

There are still some changes I would like to make to the model but I’ll leave the project here as it is for now. I will update this page if I do more work so you can see the progress.