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Gnomes: Launch day

Gnomes is a small-scale skirmish game between opposing Gnomish holds.

Hi all, welcome to the first post on the newly active Gnomes pages here at Gydran Studio. It’s been a long while coming, but it’s finally here, LAUNCH DAY!!!

Over the last year I have been shaping and moulding the proto-idea that was Gnomes into something tangible. During Christmas 2022 I was wracking my brains as to how to bring a long standing idea to life, and then it struck me… Gnomes. They were the perfect pint sized mayhem makers to insert into a newly formed universe of their own. From there the idea grew with background and factions… even creatures that inhabit the world, evolved due to the mere existence of Gnomes.

There is so much to explore in this world and my mind is awash with ideas of how these potentially complex interactions between the Gnomes and the rest of the world could play out and the effect it has had on the world at large. It’s all here in my noggin, and I have got the first tentative steps now down in the Gnomes Rulebook. Over the next weeks and months I’ll be working on more of the expansive world and even bringing some new characters to life. However, you’ll just have to wait and look out for that as and when I release it.

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For now that’s it, and here’s to the start of something fun. Gnomes the game. Available from 19:00 GMT today, 01-02-2024.