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Gnomes: Launch day

Gnomes is a small-scale skirmish game between opposing Gnomish holds.

Hi all, welcome to the first post on the newly active Gnomes pages here at Gydran Studio. It’s been a long while coming, but it’s finally here, LAUNCH DAY!!!

Over the last year I have been shaping and moulding the proto-idea that was Gnomes into something tangible. During Christmas 2022 I was wracking my brains as to how to bring a long standing idea to life, and then it struck me… Gnomes. They were the perfect pint sized mayhem makers to insert into a newly formed universe of their own. From there the idea grew with background and factions… even creatures that inhabit the world, evolved due to the mere existence of Gnomes.

There is so much to explore in this world and my mind is awash with ideas of how these potentially complex interactions between the Gnomes and the rest of the world could play out and the effect it has had on the world at large. It’s all here in my noggin, and I have got the first tentative steps now down in the Gnomes Rulebook. Over the next weeks and months I’ll be working on more of the expansive world and even bringing some new characters to life. However, you’ll just have to wait and look out for that as and when I release it.

If you want to keep up with the games development you can either sign up to my newsletter, follow me on our social media platforms, or join me on Patreon where I update on the projects ongoing progress whenever I can, and way ahead of any other social media platform posts.

For now that’s it, and here’s to the start of something fun. Gnomes the game. Available from 19:00 GMT today, 01-02-2024.


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10 Years plus of Gydran Studio

On April 9th of this year (2023) Gydran Studio turned 10 years old. Unfortunately there were a lot of things happening at the time and we missed celebrating it. However, we have decided to make a bigger thing of it next year with our 10 years (+1) anniversary.

We will be releasing our first limited edition miniature that will be available free to our patrons over on Patreon as a part of the celebration. However, don’t dismay if you don’t follow us on Patreon as you will be able to purchase a copy from the webstore, but only during the April 2024 period. After this the miniature will no longer be available. What will the miniature be? Well, that’s going to be a surprise; though if you are one of our Patrons you will be able to see the process of bringing it to life from design to the finished model. Another great reason to follow us on Patreon.

As well as the limited edition miniature there will be giveaways/competitions and discounts to be had all throughout the month of April. The last 10 years have been a crazy ride from the companies inception to now with a lot of crazy and sad things going on. We hope you join us and look forward to celebrating 10 years and many many more in the future.


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Sustainability and Gydran

Sustainability and conscientious production practices are one of the key things at the forefront of our mind, here at Gydran. With the move towards more sustainable living we should be thinking about moving our hobbies and in the same direction. This includes our miniatures and their production methods. That’s why we are investigating and trying to develop more sustainable ways of production. We want to reduce our waste within the company and make sure that what we produce, whether it be miniatures, animations, or art, can be recycled at the end of its life. We are currently talking with other companies to start making the move to a more environmentally conscientious business. We will  update you all in a news post once we have more information on the direction we end up going in, and the future impacts for Gydran Studio.

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Changes to pricings

Crisis Armour Troops price drop.
Many more prices have dropped across the store.

We have rolled back prices on some of our ranges, just in time for Christmas. The last few years have been hard for us all and even though Gydran has felt the pinch too we want to give something back to all of you lovely people that have supported us through these hard times. We have dropped the prices on a vast number of our miniatures such as the Crisis Armour squad going from £30 down to £22.79 which is the lowest price we’ve ever sold it at.

Why have we done this?

Gydran has been going for over 8 years at this point and we have had a lot of long term support from our customers. We find ourselves in strange times with various hard hitting events taking place. Where as a lot of other miniature manufacturers have raised their prices we couldn’t in good conscience do this, so instead we decided to go the other way and give something back to those that have helped to keep the lights on in Gydran and help to keep our dream moving forward.

We’ll be re-evaluating more of our range over the remaining days of 2021 and as we go through Christmas and new expect to see other special offers and changes to our range of miniatures. So, keep checking back, or sign up to our newsletter, for more news and updates. We don’t like to spam so you’ll only get notified once a new news article like this one is released, we have a sale on or there is some monumental news going out that we want to share with you first.

On a personal level I want to thank everyone that has supported us over the years. It feels very weird to have not been at shows having a laugh with you all and talking about all thing miniatures and Gydran. I’m hoping to see you all more in 2022 so keep checking the Events Page to see where we’ll be next year. The last thing for me to say is an early Merry Christmas to you all, and lets all spread some Christmas cheer so we can enter into 2022 with miniature induced smiles on our faces.