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Carronade 2024

It’s been a while since we’ve been to any shows, but we are planning to make movements to getting back on the circuit in 2024. Currently we have only booked in for Carronade 2024. Once we have more information we will create an event on the events page and let you all know.

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10 Years plus of Gydran Studio

On April 9th of this year (2023) Gydran Studio turned 10 years old. Unfortunately there were a lot of things happening at the time and we missed celebrating it. However, we have decided to make a bigger thing of it next year with our 10 years (+1) anniversary.

We will be releasing our first limited edition miniature that will be available free to our patrons over on Patreon as a part of the celebration. However, don’t dismay if you don’t follow us on Patreon as you will be able to purchase a copy from the webstore, but only during the April 2024 period. After this the miniature will no longer be available. What will the miniature be? Well, that’s going to be a surprise; though if you are one of our Patrons you will be able to see the process of bringing it to life from design to the finished model. Another great reason to follow us on Patreon.

As well as the limited edition miniature there will be giveaways/competitions and discounts to be had all throughout the month of April. The last 10 years have been a crazy ride from the companies inception to now with a lot of crazy and sad things going on. We hope you join us and look forward to celebrating 10 years and many many more in the future.


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Sustainability and Gydran

Sustainability and conscientious production practices are one of the key things at the forefront of our mind, here at Gydran. With the move towards more sustainable living we should be thinking about moving our hobbies and in the same direction. This includes our miniatures and their production methods. That’s why we are investigating and trying to develop more sustainable ways of production. We want to reduce our waste within the company and make sure that what we produce, whether it be miniatures, animations, or art, can be recycled at the end of its life. We are currently talking with other companies to start making the move to a more environmentally conscientious business. We will  update you all in a news post once we have more information on the direction we end up going in, and the future impacts for Gydran Studio.