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Corridor – Animation

Corridor is an animated short set in the world of Breaching the Rift, a long standing personal project of mine and the basis for the science fiction miniature range that has been created since the  inception of Gydran Studio. The story is set after the events of the book, Shadow Raid,  and follow a completely new crew as they fumble about in the vastness of space.


A storyboard to demonstrate the current state of the animatic.
A Pugwanian character struggles against an alien menace. Storyboard 52 from the readthrough.

Currently the story is in the planning phase, and at the time of writing this post I am creating storyboards to put against the readthrough of the script to check the stories pacing. As I am doing this alongside my full-time job I have had to set realistic deadlines and all storyboards should be finished by December 3rd 2023.

I am currently running regular updates on my Patreon page and I’m ahead of schedule at the moment (as of 02-11-2023). So, as long as I keep up the pace I should have this phase complete before the deadline.